Classic Car Show – O’Fallon, MO

There is plenty of local car shows in almost every bigger city in US literally every weekend. If you plan on staying in a bigger city and would like to see some cool cars, just google it and I assure you, you will find something interesting going on. Whenever we have a moment of fee time, that’s what we do. We look for a car meet on a specific date and 99% of time I find something that’s worth going to. Many of the car shows we will be showing you will be from St. Louis area, where I’m currently located, but there will also be some from California, Florida and other states, as well. Today we will show you a local show from a small town O’Fallon to the west from St. Louis. O’Fallon counts around 80 000 people, but there is still lots of nice classics in the area.

For example Shelby GT500 KR
More pictures in the gallery below

Or Plumouth Cuda
More pictures in the gallery below

There were few Camaros
More pictures in the gallery below

And of course Corvettes that were produced in St. Louis.

Next part of our Classic Car Guide in two weeks…

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